Single-use plastic is a problem.
What if onion skins could be
a solution?

HUID is creating a home compostable packaging material made from onion skins.With an inherently robust and protective quality, it could be said that onion skins are nature’s own form of single-use packaging. What better an example to follow than from Mother Nature herself?

Designed to reduce waste, whilst working with nature's way.

Onion skins are everywhere - but this means they also are a huge source of waste. By choosing HUID's packaging material, you're helping to clear our planet up, in more ways than one.Onion skins also have incredible anti-microbial properties that HUID is integrating into their material. This way you can have packaging that not only protects but preserves your food for longer.

Working towards a circular system.

HUID is well aware that the current linear systems are not a viable option for our planet.That's why we're trying to keep our material development as circular as possible, collaborating with other industry players for raw material and waste treatment.

A triple threat.

It takes a village.

Below are some of the partnerships, funders and supporters that have helped us develop HUID.

HUID is a work in progress.

HUID is still in research and development, so we're not commercially ready just yet.
However we're always looking for interesting ways to work together with others.
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